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Event Catering

Looking for something unique for your special event?  We have a catering package that can meet your needs! Our process is simple and hassle free - book online on our website by clicking "Book us for your event" above or send us an email through the "contact us" link above.  Once we have the details and the date is secured you are all set.  We will create a fun and memorable event for your attendees!  We have an amazing food truck and kiosk.

Tropical Shaved Ice

Unlike a traditional Sno-Cone, Shave Ice (or Shaved Ice) has a soft, velvet-like texture.  Our delicious, all natural syrups work their way gradually through the snow so the last bite is as tasty as the first bite!  Top it off with cream topping and fall in love with this exquisite treat!

Hand Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream starts off with a milk base that is transformed into rich, delicious ice cream right before your eyes.  We mix and chop fruits, candy, cookies, and all sorts of other goodies into the milk base to make our recipes.  It's a process that is fun to watch so we put it on camera. 

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